Site Promotion – How To Promote Your Business On The Web

As a website owner, you are probably lying awake at night thinking of how to promote your business on the web. In the heady days when the Internet was young, it was easy to set up a website and have it appear on the first page of search results of a major search engine within a couple of days. The competition was relatively small and those who climbed in early made a killing. Over the years the situation has changed dramatically. You now have to compete with literally millions of other websites to get a good ranking at a major search engine. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn alternative ways of promoting your business online.

A whole generation of SEO experts have mushroomed to optimize websites for the major search engines. These guys don’t come cheap and the small business owner can often not afford to use their services. Fortunately there are other ways to gain exposure for your business on the web.

You can, for example, make use of free classifieds websites. Many of them have a surprisingly large user base. If you sell a product with general appeal, you might be pleasantly surprised at the results you get from free classifieds.

Social bookmarking sites is another good way to promote your business on the web. How they work is that you bookmark websites that you like and all your bookmarks can be seen by other members of the site. You can in turn see their bookmarks – in this way a popular website can quickly become known throughout the online community.

If you have sufficient funds, a pay-per-click program is another good option. How this works is that the website or search engine will display your advertisement, but you don’t pay until someone actually clicks on your ad. Unfortunately some of these programs are getting increasingly expensive, because website owners bid on the top positions and over time these bids can become quite exorbitant. To an extent it depends on the value of the product/service you are selling. If you sell houses, you can afford to pay much more per click than if you sell books, for example.

Banner ads have become less popular over time, because click through rates have declined quite a lot. If you can find a website with affordable rates for banners ads though, they can still be a good way to let people know about your business. They’re also great for building brand awareness.

Once you master Internet marketing, you are set to start profiting greatly from this medium. The Internet after all opened up a global market for local businesses. The only requirement is that you learn how to promote your business on the web effectively.

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